Clients — In Their Own Words

Jeremiah Ridenour
Director and COO Big Tree Farms

I thank Rob and recommend him highly. While I sit in the light of tropical island life and warm waters, my past sits quietly in a storage container in the dark. Rob knows how to support this kind of change and ensure his clients speak and act with integrity on all levels as they proceed.

SIncerely, Jeremiah Ridenour


Natasha Martin
President/CEO at Grassroots Alliance for Community Education

I strongly recommend Rod Ryan’s wide-ranging, yet focused services. Over the last 6 years, I have benefitted from the depth and the breadth of Rob’s familiarity with Astrological charting. I remain awed by the connectedness of things and the clarity with which aspects of my life reveal themselves. It empowers timely action with confidence. Additionally, Rob brings keen intuitive awareness to the table. All in all, my experience is that his work nurtures, my energy is balanced, and I remain grateful for this guide to my personal and professional path. Our session just two weeks ago was pivotal to clarify my near-term path.

March 19, 2012, Natasha was Rob’s client


RoseAnne Fischer
Owner, Your Positive Solutions

Rob is a deeply caring individual and as he coaches or reads your astrology signs, he gets to the essence of the person he is working with.

He reminds us of the work we need to do to have a fulfilling life or how to grow one’s business. He sees your talent and opens up doors to have you realize how to move in the space of your own life’s purpose. I recommend him highly.

March 14, 2012, RoseAnne was Rob’s client


Kristen Mattern
Longevity Consultant

Rob has helped me to maneuver successfully through business decisions. He has used his expertise to guide me in marriage, family and personal direction as well. His intuitive abilities are truly inspired and are the foundation of his powerful work. I would not make any major life change without consulting Rob first.

March 13, 2012, Kristen was Rob’s client


Martin Dehmler
Owner, Martin Dehmler Fine Cabinetmaking

Rob helped me to clarify and refine my own ideas about how to grow, expand and pump more energy into my business. We have worked together to create a plan and he has consistently followed through with his parts of the project. Rob has a fresh, vibrant and focused approach that has enabled me to move forward into a clearer understanding of myself and the business.

April 15, 2010, Martin was Rob’s client


Maggie Smith
Aromatherapy Provider for Hospice of Santa Cruz County at Flower Essence Energy

Rob has assisted me in evaluating the most effective methods of working with my representatives to expand my business. He has helped me understand the opportunities and obstacles I will be facing in the near future. Rob’s coaching has given me the personal insight I need to be able to respond appropriately as opportunities arise. The audio file of our session—which he immediately sent—acts as a checklist and a timeline of possibilities much like a map of the curves in the road ahead. I highly recommend his work, it is concise and clear and you will get your own map to success and happiness.

April 9, 2010, Maggie was Rob’s client


Robert Gandrup
Consulting & Coaching – Better Choices, Key Insight

Rob is an outstanding individual with exceptional insights and awareness. High Ethics and intuition motivate him to do the very best possible for his clients and associates. His leadership skills are very good. His understanding of the human condition allows him to be highly effective in his field.

April 9, 2010, Robert worked directly with Rob at Rob Ryan


Kathi Kruse
Social Media & Online Marketing Coaching/Training | Online Reputation | Blogger | Speaker | Kruse Control Founder/CEO

Rob Ryan is a gifted Professional Development Coach. I have known him for 4 years and he is simply the best at identifying specific solutions to behavioral road blocks. Certain circumstances in our lives make us each unique. Our stories can cause us confusion and misconception when we engage others professionally. Getting to the truth of those stories is one of Rob’s many strong points. He sees clearly how to best address our actions so the desired result occurs. I highly recommend him to those who want to increase their value to themselves and their clients.

March 16, 2010, Kathi was Rob’s client


Cat Wilson
Owner, Apositiva

If you are curious about what the stars have to advise, Rob Ryan is an amazing Astrologer. Years ago, I consulted with Rob on my charts and what he could find to direct me on what opportunities as well as challenges my chart revealed. This was the first time I’d ever consulted an Astrologer. I found his scientific approach and clear explanations of past/present/future…more

January 17, 2010, Cat was Rob’s client


Mary Elizabeth Conn
Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have very much enjoyed Rob’s dedication to his work and his clients. He is about as sharp as they come, and has been a huge asset in developing business and relationships, and business relationships. I recommend him without hesitation, and have indeed referred several people to him for his unique and exceptional services.

November 21, 2009, Mary Elizabeth was Rob’s client


Carol Serafini
Commercial Estimator at Monarch Solid Surface Designs

Working with Rob is a gift to ‘self’. I have worked with him for the past 16 years in all aspects of creating, defining, and establishing my business. The work I have done with Rob is not just about business as our time together has enhanced all the roles I play in my life from creator and designer, to business owner and project manager, to life partner and friend. I love…more

October 12, 2009, Carol was Rob’s client


Aine Sweeney
Dr. Aine Sweeney

Thank you on behalf of the Soroptimists International Santa Cruz.  Your March presentation  to our Club was wonderful!

Your cohesive approach to Astrology is so interesting even members unsure about your topic were thoroughly interested and engaged in what you said and showed us.

Our members thoroughly appreciated your inclusive, friendly demeanor. Throughout your visit everyone was at ease and comfortable. Before your presentation one of the women I thought might be put off by astrology let me know she was excited and intrigued at the prospect.

Your idea to share our President’s astrology  with the group (with her approval…) our president was ingenious!  The use of an example from someone we all know and respect helped draw folks into your talk!

I was happy and pleased our members had many thoughtful questions for you when you were complete.

On behalf of the Soroptimists I highly recommend your presentation skills and expertise!

Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Aine Sweeney, DCless