Elements of Happiness #1


This article points to a chemical connection between human phobias and inherited DNA.

The proposition that powerful experiences chemically alter our DNA will almost certainly prove correct. This means DNA—the way our bodies ultimately function and look—is the story of your ancestors’ traumas and triumphs. Karma’s essence is triumph and tragedy. In short, the karma of your ancestors created the DNA code of your body.DNA Man Web Sized

With the G, C, T, and A alphabet code of DNA revealed, scientists are hard at work to rewrite and even add to it (they added two new letters, X and Y). Science has the raw power to change your body’s destiny and tell a better story. That is in the future, and not much help to you and me today. What do we have to work with today?

I met Glenn Sabin at a 2012 Cancer Survivors Conference and we spoke at length by phone after. In the face of certain death—and without radiation, chemicals and standard allopathic protocols—Glenn changed the way his DNA expresses. He compelled his DNA to stop making cancer and reward him with good health.

Glenn’s complete remission is thoroughly documented by Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.* He employed consistent mental and emotional discipline to change his body’s karma.

The body with its karma carries us about. What about decisions we make, the things we say, the relationships we create every day? What about the real-time karma our hearts and minds produce? My experience is that astrology offers specific and intriguing insights into the voluntary, unrecognized beliefs and habits that shape our lives. It also suggests practical changes.

Yogis and saints teach that our core, our essence, is supremely blissful and happy. They also say the unconditional happiness at our core is never lost, just forgotten. Happiness That Just Won’t Quit is the subject of our next ‘Elements of Happiness.’

© 2015 by Rob Ryan

* You can read more about Glenn here.

Video Bridges East and West

Chubby on Transparent Cheshire Cat - RevOne thing I Really admire in life is when a man or woman steps far enough out of their story to show us how we author our worlds. There is a video link below my signature. The presenter, Devdutt, does a fabulous job of stepping outside the East versus West box. His wisdom is a bridge between the two cultures and he embodies friendship and new possibilities. I finished the video with fresh respect and appreciation for both cultures and their paradigms. Toward the end of the presentation, Devdutt tells a story about the Leader of the company put in the center of his work family. He’s blindfolded. When his blindfold is removed, the truth of how the boss gets his money, where his success comes from is finally seen. He gets it big time with tears of gratitude and compassion in his eyes. Life seems like it’s about the stuff, but it’s really about the Love…. Yours, R Video Connects East to West