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An Ode to National Punctuation Day

Twixt quill and typewriter,
Chicklet keyboards and lost stylii,
Tidy characters beckon now ‘neath glass slick unresponsive –
“What’s the point?,” comes the hapless whisper of woe.

From haggard uses it’s time to reclaim
Our Mother Tongue, her glories and honor.
No matter the season, she has her reasons
For periods, colons and commas.

If something less would be obtuse,
It’s ne’er too late for an apostrophe’s use.
Should fair turn of phrase need parenthetical marks
Why make a hash [of it] with bracket(s) and hyphens?

O noble Man, and
Fair Ladies all: heed this call.
Don’t throw in the towel.
Don’t yield or obfuscate: Punctuate! Punctuate!

–Dedicated to my SwamiG, My Teacher–