Sweet Reality

I don’t have diabetes but I do understand the pleasures of chocolate. Who doesn’t deserve a sweet for the trouble of slaying dragons?* The fate of friends with the disease gives me reason to pause.

In the face of temptation, I have some ability (family members say it’s a very limited ability) to reason with myself. I’ll ask myself, “So how did we feel the last time we did this?” If you talk to yourself or want backbone to make better choices when temptation strikes, check the article at this link: Is Sugar Toxic?

Americans eat 90 pounds of sugar each per year. The article doesn’t demonize high fructose corn syrup. It shares emerging science that describes a toxic relationship between sugar and metabolic syndrome, diabetes and even breast cancer. It’s disturbing. Real white-coat lab researchers believe they can connect sugar to cancers of the breast and colon. -Rob

*Dragons don’t have to linger. If yours are, I’m happy to hear from you. Maybe it’s time to send them packing… R.

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