Rob Ryan

Clear Pixels 1mgb 150 dpi Rob Ryan Headshot Final 2014If you could go about your day and quietly experience love and possibility, why not? Fuse East with West and you get the whole package: timely, productive work imbued with confidence and contentment. Forget to set the world aside and that magical state is easily lost. “Meditation, natural contentment, astrology and spiritual service are perfect complements to the rigors of business and the professions. My Guru—a trained engineer and lifelong learner—showed how.”

“It took 34 years to find my life’s work, and a door closed to get here. Months after my small contracting company had its best year ever—one million dollars in  prefab building sales—interest rates soared and business stopped. Borrowed money covered payrolls. An opportune astrology class revealed construction products were my struggle, while astrology was my strength. That information changed my life. The opportunity to support other journeys of fulfillment and discovery is a great pleasure…”

Silicon Valley native Rob Ryan finds 44 years of personal application in the ‘Yoga of Perfection’ valuable. For example, when creative momentum or flow go missing, are they really gone? “It is helpful to remember what yogis have said for millennia: love, inspiration and the way forward are always there if you have the eyes to see them.”


In 1992 Rob opened the Center for Health with Carol Jensen. Flourishing in Santa Cruz CA, Center for Health features a roster of 30 complementary health associates. Fridays find Rob at Center for Health, otherwise he works mostly by phone from his home office in Aromas, CA where “Chubby,” a slender 23 year old gray kitty shares his desk and lap.Chubby on Transparent Cheshire Cat - Rev